Your mortgage is probably the largest financial transaction and commitment you are likely to undertake. It is very important that you should seek independent mortgage advice which is individually tailored to your needs and requirements.

We are not tied to any particular lender, which means that we have the ability to act on your behalf, representing your best interests, in order to establish the most appropriate mortgage solution for you.

The providers offering lending have undergone dramatic changes over recent years, with many lenders either merging or ceasing lending altogether. Fewer lenders means less competition, and those lenders still in the market have only limited amounts to lend, so they aren’t competing so hard with each other if borrowers do not have a substantial deposit.

We look at your mortgage not only as a loan to buy your home, but as part of your overall financial profile, in order that it ties in with your intended retirement date, when you plan to start a family and when you wish to move home.

Based on the information you provide in your meeting with our adviser (it is essential that you provide accurate and up to date information), we will search the mortgage market reviewing the lenders available, some of which offer exclusive products to brokers such as ourselves, to determine which lender will offer you the most attractive mortgage options suited to your particular requirements.

Lenders have become much more careful about who they lend to, and on what terms.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.