Lynn Wallwork – Mortgage Adviser & Director

The word best used to describe mortgage adviser Lynn Wallwork is commitment. Commitment to her role with Real Financial, but most importantly to the Company’s clients. Her conscientious approach to looking after clients has earned Lynn an outstanding reputation for quality of advice nationally within the mortgage community.

Lynn gives wholehearted support to her clients and ferociously champions their cause with whichever lenders she believes offer the most suitable products for them. Once a client of Lynn’s, if necessary she will climb mountains of bureaucracy and crawl through hoops of lenders demands to achieve what she wants, to deliver the best outcome for you.

But never mind what we say about the service Lynn offers, this is what her clients say:

Carl & Victoria Henderson – Committed and tenacious are two very fitting words that can be used to describe Lynn. On a number of occasions now we have used Lynn’s services having purchased and sold a couple of homes over the last 5 years. Being in the service industry myself I can honestly say the service I have become accustomed to receiving from Lynn is second to none.

Most recently after a promotion through work I found myself having to once again relocate the family and put my home up for sale short notice. Unfortunately I had previously taken a fixed mortgage that we were not able to port leaving me with a relatively large penalty owed to the mortgage company. After many attempts myself to get out of the penalty I had resigned myself to the fact I was simply going to have to pay however Lynn was adamant that was not going to be the case. Due to the relationships Lynn has forged over the years with the mortgage company she managed to get a hefty reduction on my penalty based on extenuating circumstances, something we are incredibly thankful of. I would certainly recommend Lynn to anyone looking for financial advice as she genuinely does have the clients best interest at heart and is never willing to take no for an answer.

Lynn is married to Gary and has a teenage son Jack and also a Cocker Spaniel called Bob! To relax Lynn enjoys shopping.